Setting mentoring relationships up for success

Creative talent specialist Rachel Gott helped to establish Who's Your Momma — a mentoring programme run for women working in the creative industries. In this film Rachel explains some important considerations, to ensure both mentor and mentee make the most of a match.

Takeaways and things to try


Unlike with a pure coaching relationship, Rachel recommends finding a mentor who's trodden a similar path to one you're keen on exploring.


Meeting up at least every 4-6 weeks is important to keep the momentum in the mentoring.


Use your first meeting to co-create some practical ground-rules on how the relationship will work. For example, what will happen if one of you needs to cancel a meet-up? Will you reschedule, or do it online?


The mentee really needs to drive the relationship. Things like coming to sessions prepared, taking clear notes and purposefully following through on agreed actions will be key to success. Lack of commitment will be a real turn-off for mentors.


Mentors need to find the balance between mentoring and coaching, honing their listening and questioning skills so they're guiding their mentee towards answers — rather than just giving them to them.

How can you apply these ideas to your mentoring relationship?

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