Course packs

Slides and resources to support all live courses.

Course Pack: Defining Problems

These curated resources, many referenced in our Defining Problems workshop, will help you revisit and refresh what we covered together. We've shared relevant workshop slides, expert led video exercises and curated resources too — perfect for replaying, sharing and teaching forward in your teams.

Resources and Recommended Reading

Try the 5 Whys. Two examples of the tool in action, and a template for you to experiment with. See the Miro board.

Here are some more insights into the tool and how to get going with it, via ISIXSIGMA.

And an interesting, related take on writing an effective problem statement.


Read: Are you solving the right problem? A thought provoking long read at HBR.


Join: GroupThink is a lively and participatory community for strategic thinkers and problem solvers. Lots of excellent free events and ideas shared online.

Read: An interesting piece on their site about reframing problems.