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Course Pack: Educating Managers about Burnout

This curated collection of resources supports much of the content covered in our Educating Managers about Burnout workshops. Included are some snappy session slides, great for internal sharing and taking others through key aspects covered (there's no better way to embed your own understanding of something than teaching someone else).
Snappy session slides

Helpful resources, on point and lateral to the topic

Book - The Burnout Solution by Siobhán Murray

Psychotherapist and speaker Siobhán Murray developed this 12 week self-directed course off the back of her own experience of burnout - juggling two kids as a single parent, a BA in Counselling, and a Dip. in Wellbeing. Nobody knows more about burnout (both its effects on the body and mind, and how to combat it) than she does.


Read - Find a Routine Baggy Enough to Live In

Scheduling, timetabling, both great ways to ensure you're getting as much done as possible, but quite restrictive when it gets in the way of a much needed recharge. Writer and routine-enthusiast Heather Grant has penned this essay on the benefit of keeping burnout at bay by creating a routine that is fluid and reactive, and giving as much time (and stake) to hobbies and socialising as you give to work and grocery shopping.


Read: ‘The Battery’s Dead’: Burnout Looks Different in Autistic Adults

An enlightening read in the New York Times, with powerful first person perspectives pulled in revealing how exhaustion among people with autism has become its own pandemic.

"When you do notice a potential indicator of burnout, hit the pause button for yourself and your employees. Ask yourself: What just happened and why? Stop and reflect on what role you might be playing in their burnout."
Do You Know Burnout When You See It? An HBR long read, linked to below

Read - Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures (Gallup Report)

Nowhere near as lengthy or as dry as one might expect, the 2020 Gallup Report on Employee Burnout has a myriad of crystal clear professional advice for management on creating a healthy, happy and decidedly un-burnt out team and work environment.


Read - Do You Know Burnout When You See It? (HBR)

What do you do when you notice some of your employees are more irritable, less productive, are missing more deadlines and are beginning to burn out? Well Harvard Business Review have put together this article answering just that question. Authors Luciano and Brett explain the importance of recognising burnout in yourself, in your employees, and how to effectively support your team if and when it happens.

Burnout Reflections

This simple reflective tool is intended to provoke self-awareness around burnout, encouraging conversation and exploration around the topic.

Watch - The Cure for Burnout (Hint: It Isn't Self-Care)

Sisters and co-authors of 'Burnout - Solve Your Stress Cycle,' Emily and Amelia Nagoski talk here through their own experience of workplace burnout, the tell-tale signs, and their unique 'so-simple-it's-genius,' cure: surrounding yourself with loving people who will tell you that you need a break.


Listen - Burnout is Everyone's Problem (Podcast)

Organisational psychologist Adam Grant hosts this standout episode of his podcast series 'Work Life,' with Anne Helen Peterson (author of 'Can't Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation,') that looks at the problem of burnout from the top down: the time and money lost, the long-term damage done to the workforce and to your businesses image.