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Slides and resources to support all live courses.

Course Pack: Presence and Gravitas

These curated resources, many referenced in our Presence and Gravitas workshop, will help you revisit and refresh what we covered together. We've shared relevant workshop slides, expert led video exercises and curated resources too — perfect for replaying, sharing and teaching forward in your teams.

Resources and Recommended Reading

Read: Gravitas, by Caroline Goyder

Caroline Goyder believes gravitas can be learned and built upon, using simple techniques that help us become more compelling, engaging speakers and express ourselves clearly and with purpose. In Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority, she shows how gravitas can "transform the way you think about yourself and your powers of communication".


Watch: The Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence (TED)

If you enjoyed Caroline Goyder's book, or simply want an insight into her technique for being a better speaker, this 2014 TED Talk she gave on what it means to speak with confidence has amassed over 6 million views. She shares stories and years of experience as a voice coach and consultant in this "fun and personal talk".


Listen: How to Grow Your Gravitas

If you haven't 'met,' Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, co-founders of Amazing If.. and co-authors of the wonderful You Coach You, then this is a great introduction. In this episode of their careers soft-skills podcast Squiggly Careers, they share their wisdom on what gravitas looks, sounds and feels like at work, with practical tips on growing it from the ground up and using it to influence with positivity.


Watch: Upping Your Gravitas by Silencing Your Inner Critic

We've got a great library of punchy, insightful videos on the YCN platform, on topics ranging from copywriting to presentation skills; vocal warm-ups to gratitude. In this one, linked just below, Presence and Gravitas coach Catherine Allison offers her advice on some tools you can use to silence the inner critic and boost your gravitas. Take a look at this one too, on influencing decisions with gravitas.

Read: Leading with Gravitas, by Antoinette Dale Henderson

A leadership focused guide to gravitas from one a veteran voice in leadership communication. Henderson's takes the complicated concept of gravitas and breaks it down into six key steps: self-awareness, expertise, authority, presence, connection and projection. It's a great read if you're ready to use gravitas to move the hearts and minds of your team or business.


Watch: Edie Lush on Pausing for Gravitas

A quick reminder, and another great YCN library video, from communications trainer Edie Lush on just how much a simple pause can add to your presence and gravitas when speaking.


Do: Better Breathing eCourse

Psychologist, author and expert in the field of human emotion, Paul Ekman, discovered how meditation and simple breathing exercises for 10 minutes a day can dramatically improve our poise, presence, and gravitas. As luck would have it, 10 minutes is exactly how long our Better Breathing eCourse is.

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