Course packs

Slides and resources to support all live courses.

Course Pack: Micro-Habits

These curated resources, many referenced in our Micro-Habits session, should help you revisit and refresh what we covered together. We've shared the session Miro board link too, for those planning to replay and share what was covered among their teams. Teaching someone else is always the best way to embed your own thinking.
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Resources and Recommended Reading

Read: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Published just five years ago and already a modern classic; motivational maestro James Clear masterfully illustrates how small steps turn to big wins in the seminal Atomic Habits, full of evidence-backed tips and tricks, tender anecdotes and actionable advice to reach goals and make change. Check out his newsletter as well if you haven’t already - weekly Thursday bulletins for boosts of motivation.


Listen: The Feel Better, Live More Podcast with Dr. Chaterjee and James Clear

Reading not your preferred way of learning? Have a listen to this great talk on author, physician and BBC presenter Dr. Rangan Chaterjee’s podcast Feel Better, Live More with James Clear, and learn some of the tenets of Atomic Habits on your morning commute.

Watch: The Mind is for Having Ideas, Not Holding Them

Q: Aside from time, what is the biggest blocker to productivity? A: Ourselves. David Allen’s lecture is a great watch on a topic related to much of the micro habits material; productivity and getting out of our own way. Check it out above.


Read: Lessons of Lockdown, Learnt on Ice, by Ben Saunders

We reference polar explorer Ben Saunders' quote in the session that 'winners and losers have the same goals'. Here's a timely written piece by Ben on his Linkedin page — Lessons of lockdown learnt on the ice.

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The Seinfeld Method

Experiment: Think like Jerry

Be sure to use The Seinfeld Strategy — to recognise and reward small steps. Track your progress, start a streak and see where it takes you.


Listen: Ten Habits to Transform Your Career (Amazing If…)

We love the Squiggly Careers gang at YCN, and love their brilliant podcast just as much. In this episode, co-hosts and co-creator Helen and Sarah walk you through Ten Tiny Daily Habits you can build to help transform your career. And, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out their chat with James Clear too.