Learning new skills and approaches takes focus. Our ever growing library of micro-learning courses breaks things down into a daily dose of experimentation, shared directly via email every morning and spread over a week or two. So you've time to practice and apply within the flow of work, keeping the best and leaving the rest.

Micro-learning: Influencing Well

How to win friends and...
“To sell well is to convince someone else to part with resources — not to deprive that person, but to leave him better off in the end.”
Daniel Pink, To Sell is Human

Influencing Well. Five doses of action oriented insight

If you know you deserve to be heard, want to make a difference or change something — then actively working on your influencing skills is going to be important. And given the collaborative nature of work today, and the ever-elastic nature of our roles, our ability to get people on board with our ideas and 'take them with us' has never been more valued.

This short burst of micro-learning is designed to help you pick up and practice smart approaches for more positive and purposeful influence on others in all kinds of contexts.

We'll reframe historically unhelpful views of influence (which have earned the idea a bad rap) and introduce a variety of ideas, tools and techniques for impactful, everyday influence on all of those around us — whether that's ensuring a client renews a partnership, bringing our boss around to our way of thinking or getting our kids into the bath on time.

Over five consecutive days you'll receive a dose of actionable insight, and an invitation to apply it to something real right away.

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