Learning new skills and approaches takes focus. Our ever growing library of micro-learning courses breaks things down into a daily dose of experimentation, shared directly via email every morning and spread over a week or two. So you've time to practice and apply within the flow of work, keeping the best and leaving the rest.

Micro-learning: Purposeful Presenting

Presenting Head
Good ideas are best shared
“Ideas are not really alive if they are confined to only one person’s mind."
Nancy Duarte, author of Resonate

Purposeful Presenting. Five doses of action oriented insight

Many of us don't look forward to speaking publicly. But we're often called on to do so — formally, informally, to big groups or small ones, on screens and in rooms — often aiming to get people on board to our point of view. And we all instinctively know a good public speaker when we see one; they make it look easy, and seem so natural doing it. But if we want to get better, where do we begin?

Ultimately it's all about 'being ourselves with skill', and consciously approaching any kind of presentation with a practical framework in mind, smart tools to hand and a willingness to adapt to what comes from our audience.

This micro-learning course, delivered across six experimental daily doses over two weeks, will put proven tools for more purposeful, participatory and satisfying presentations into your hands — with a warm invitation to put them into play right away.

And at the end of the week we'll invite you to reflect on what's worked, and what's changed.

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