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An edit of newly added resources and those proving consistently popular among our partners' teams.
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Raul Aparici on mitigating impostor syndrome
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Kate and Catherine on pausing, for conversational space
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Kate and Catherine on intentional listening
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Kate and Catherine on questioning well
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Worksheet: Time Blocking
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Kate and Catherine on the coaching opportunity
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Matteo's coaching reflections
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Kas's reflections on listening and questioning well
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Time Blocking, and bringing some colour into your calendar
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Worksheet: Owning Feedback
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Making the case for situational flexibility as leaders
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eCourse: Difficult Conversations
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Mentors, Sponsors and Champions. With Abi Adamson
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Effective Allyship. With Abi Adamson
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What's your Privilege Pledge? With Abi Adamson
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Diversify your feed. With Abi Adamson
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Privilege reflections. With Abi Adamson
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Mindful toothbrushing. With Dr. Sam Akbar
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Anchor dropping. With Dr. Sam Akbar
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5,4,3,2,1 — a mindfulness technique. With Dr. Sam Akbar
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Urge surfing. With Dr. Sam Akbar
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Everyday mindfulness. With Dr. Sam Akbar
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Making room for emotions (and the weather). With Dr. Sam Akbar
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Letting go of emotions. With Dr. Sam Akbar
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How do you notice your thoughts? With Dr. Sam Akbar
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A coaching conversation around strengths
Confidence Ecourse
eCourse: Confidence Mastery
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Daniel Goleman's Six Leadership Styles, explained by Louise Hedges
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eCourse: Mastering Delegation
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eCourse: Time Management and Prioritisation
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eCourse: Get SET with your Goals
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Perspectives on privilege, with Abi Adamson
Neurodivergent Perspectives Lexi Keegan in conversation with Dr Anne Cockayne low
Neurodivergent Perspectives. Lexi Keegan in conversation with Dr. Anne Cockayne
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Neurodiversity know-how: The Spiky Profile explained
Neurodiversity explained with Dr Anne Cockayne low
Neurodiversity explained, with Dr. Anne Cockayne
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Neuroinclusion at work: Thinking about adjustments
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Neurodiversity know-how. Autism with Dr. Anne Cockayne
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Neurodiversity know-how. ADHD with Dr. Anne Cockayne
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Neurodiversity know-how. Dyslexia with Dr. Anne Cockayne
Micro-learning: Setting Better Boundaries
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eCourse: Practicing a Coaching Approach
Finding fortitude, and follow on experiments
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eCourse: Conscious Inclusion
Seven things to avoid when writing at work
BID pic
Share genuinely useful feedback with the BID model
Solve problems before they happen with pre-mortems
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Five tactics for influencing those more senior
J Zicon
Five powerful questions for adding impact and insight to your next interview.
Car Words
Try out the CAR technique, and upgrade your understanding when interviewing someone.
Good Qs
Smart ways to frame questions in your next mentoring session
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Try the 5 Whys to invigorate your problem solving and add depth to your decisions.
Allyship CP
Course Pack: Effective Allyship, with Abi Adamson
Course Pack: Voice Gym. Building your vocal confidence
A three minute mindset exercise, to support a coaching approach
Try this deep listening exercise for deeper connection and better conversations
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Experiment with the BRAIN model for confident decision making and problem solving
Discover the impact a five minute favour can have on your relationships, and network building
Homework for Life: A ten-second daily ritual for noticing, capturing and practicing stories
Course Pack: Storytelling
Do Story
Practical storytelling principles from Bobette Buster's book — Do: Story
Evolve your 'inner mentor' — a short reflective exercise to focus your development, and the ways you can better support others
Experiment with a Springboard Story to communicate your change idea, and take people with you towards it.
N Ngrab
Course Pack: Natural Networking
Tone Policing - What it is, why it's unhelpful and how to helpfully notice it.
Coaching Criticism
Find the Coaching in Criticism. Things to try when feedback doesn't quite land
4 Ds
The 4Ds. A practical framework for acknowledging microaggressions
Mindful breathing — the foundation of focus and flow
Channel that fly on the wall. Try some purposeful self talk to mitigate moments of doubt
Add some friction to your most common distractions
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Build belief by recognising small wins — Try a 'Done List'
Silent Meeting
Make your next meeting a Silent Meeting
Can If Go
Immediately build your confidence, with a 'Can-If' statement
To Think
Don't forget to diarise thinking time — experiment with a 'To Think' list
Smarten your approach to setbacks, by trying out a Setback Story
Get clear on control with a Clarity Clap
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Everything I Know about Life I Learned from PowerPoint — What we learned and where it led...
How to be a meaningful mentor, insights from a purposeful podcast
If Then New
Design (and share) your If > Then statements, for a purposefully prompt towards action
Practice the principles of persuasion from 'Godfather of Influence,' Robert Cialdini.
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Six steps for finding focus and flow, with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in mind
Course Pack: Making Time
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Great questions to ask in coaching conversations, 1-1's and other curious contexts

Course Pack: Natural Networking

This pack of resources supports much of the content covered in our Natural Networking workshop. Included alongside a pic'n'mix of curated resources are our session slides, for internal sharing and refreshing on key themes and ideas.
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Take someone through them, to embed your own learning. Win Win!

Supporting resources

Listen: How to build your network (Squiggly Careers / Amazing If…)

Career super-gurus and friends of YCN, Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, have amassed a bona fide treasure trove of work wisdom with their two-hundred-plus episode podcast series ‘Squiggly Careers.’ In this episode, they walk through tools and tactics for creating a network as an introvert, effectively using the internet, and recognising your networking USP.


Read: How to win friends and influence people, by Dale Carnegie

The mother of all networking how-tos. Carnegie’s mega-selling modern classic has helped millions of people make connections, positively influence those around them, and become the kind of person that others desperately want in their network.


Listen: Networking for People who Hate Networking (WorkLife with Adam Grant)

With guests galore, organisational psychologist and bestselling author, Adam Grant, steps out the importance of ditching the business cards, trusting your most authentic self, and looking for networking opportunities in the unlikeliest of places in this episode of WorkLife.


Read: 3 Strategies for Networking in a Post-Pandemic World

A quick, easy and insightful read on the three types of networking emerging as the pandemic begins to wane - *touch wood* - complete with key points and practical advice for each.


Watch: Three Videos from HBR

Harvard Business Review have a fantastic range of professional networking advice available on their site. As a starting point, we recommend these three: Make Networking Less Awkward, Three New Networks for the Digital Age and How to Expand your Professional Network, but please explore their Youtube page (and take a read of this amazingly titled article on Networking When You Hate Talking To Strangers) for more!


Read: What is Networking and Why is it So Important (BetterUp)

If you need a quick morale boost before a networking event, look no further than this great article from workplace gurus BetterUp. Not only will you find refreshers on the key tenets of networking, but you'll also learn about the unseen and unsung benefits to confidence, mental health and creativity that come with it.

Charm Pair

Try our Charm School eCourse

And there's more...

The Root > Stem > Branch tool

Try: Take a tactical approach to telling your story with the Root > Stem > Branch tool.


Watch: How to ‘hack’ networking (TEDx)

Associate professor of leadership and author of Friend of a Friend, David Burkus, delivers this brilliantly practical presentation on the immediate power of close friends helping each other to build far reaching, professional networks.


Read: Learn to love networking (HBR)

A punchy, purposeful, four-point article from HBR on abandoning what makes networking feel ‘sleazy,’ finding a higher purpose, and finding a personal networking tactic that works for you.


Listen: How to work your ‘weak’ ties (Squiggly Careers / Amazing If…)

Another great listen from the wonderful Squiggly Careers, this time on creating curious communities, reconnecting with older work colleagues, and the compunding power of saying 'yes,' to new relationships - as scary as they might seem.


Experiment: Five-Minute Favours

A super-simple daily habit to create bonds both in and out of the office. The best part? It only takes five-minutes! Try it today and learn the power of a five-minute favour.

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